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  • Coverage area: Bridgewater, Valley, Halifax, Truro, and surrounding areas. Click here to see map of coverage area.

From the president

Web Johnny"The two things of major importance to me have always been quality, and aesthetics, followed closely by efficiency and productivity. My top hobbies since childhood are nature photography and painting wildlife, landscapes, old broken fences, and cabins beside lakes. I built my first treehouse when I was 8 years old, and two black spruce log cabins in my teen years after school. The last thing my younger brothers and I would think to do was play video games and watch tv; we were out there wasting dad's nails, and destroying lumber building something!

I definitely believe my younger brothers and I brought this engrained appreciation for detail, creativity and beauty into the workforce when we started building homes, and custom wood cabinets as employees. After some years of custom wood cabinetry, house framing, and lots of temporary asphalt roof installs along with a few metal roofs, my younger brother Abe Wall started his own company "Walls Cabinetry Plus inc" while I started "Walls Metal Roofing inc" intending to give people what they really wanted: permanence & lifetime beauty.

Walls Metal Roofing inc is fully insured, with Workers Compensation protection, and to date has two locations; one out of Truro operated and managed by my brother Ben Wall, and one in Bridgewater managed by myself.

Currently we have 10 highly skilled installers most of which are family and friends. Last year (2015) alone we installed 120 metal roofs. Our goal is to not only install a new roof for you our customer, but also give you the best in quality, and superior in looks!"

If you are looking for a new roof this year you can start by sending us roof info from our "cost estimator" page (we can then send you a fairly accurate metal roof estimate). But if you are interested in an actual quote we do offer them free of charge as well; call us at 1-902-298-3022, or contact us via email by clicking here.

Feel free to browse through our website for metal roofing info: products we carry, colors we offer, pictures of roofs we've done etc.

Thanks for considering Walls Metal Roofing

Johnny Wall

Our Metal Panels are superior to anything else on the market in that they receive a one-of-a-kind Heat Forming process. Heat Forming prevents microscopic paint cracks, and enables the use of harder, more scratch resistant paints. In addition to requiring little to no maintenance, metal roofs have been shown to be very energy efficient. Coatings that feature high reflectivity turn away heat from the sun, commonly reducing air conditioning costs by 20 to 30 percent. On an existing home, the metal roof can be applied over the existing roof. The metal roofing prices are reduced because the homeowner does not need to have the current roofing material removed, a time-consuming and often expensive project.
This makes Walls Metal Roofing the perfect choice for commercial, residential, agricultural, architectural, and industrial buildings.
You used to have to choose between low-maintenance and nice-looking, but today you can have both. Specializing in permanent metal roofing we offer more than twenty colors in the highest quality steel panels, and trims. Please check out our color chart.