40 Year Limited Paint Warranty ABM Panel

A. B. Martin Roofing Supply LLC warrants, in the continental United States that under normal atmospheric conditions (which term excludes aggressive atmospheres such as those contaminated with chemical fumes or salt spray including animal confinement) exterior paint on its preprinted product. ABM Panel will meet the following specifications:

Film Integrity: Will not crack, blister or flake (loose adhesion)(not to be constructed to include slight hairline crazing which occurs during fabrication) for a period of forty (40) years and one month. Failure due to substrate corrosion is excluded (installed or storage).

Chalk Rating: Will not chalk in excess of a numerical rating of 6 when measured with the standard procedure specified in ASTM D4214-89, on sidewalls for a period of thirty (30) years and one month.

Fade Rating: Will not fade or change color by more than 6 units of color when measured with the standard procedure specified in ASTM D-2244, on sidewalls for a period of thirty (30) years and one month.

Will not fade or change color by more than 11 units of color when measured with the standard procedure of ASTM D-2244, on roofs for a period of thirty (30) years and one month. (Fade & Chalk will differ depending on the color, roof or sidewall)

Limitations on Warranty:

  1. This warranty is extended to the original buyer and is not transferable or assignable.
  2. Seller’s Warranties apply only to panels which have been exposed to normal weather and atmospheric conditions and does not apply to defects or failures caused by acts of God, animal confinement, fallingobjects, misuse, improper storage or assembly, external forces, explosions fire, vandalism, deliberate destruction or damage, riots, civil commotions, acts of war, radiation or harmful gases of fumes, excessive salt atmospheres, chemicals, and foreign substances (i.e., abnormal quantities of sand or dirt particles) in the air or atmosphere, and regardless of roof or pitch, installation must provide for proper drainage so as not to hold any water.
  3. This Warranty does not cover failures resulting from edge corrosion.
  4. In no event shall the Warranty extend beyond 40 years and one month from the date of shipment ofpanels from Seller’s manufacturing plant. (This warranty does not extend beyond the paint manufactures warranty)

Buyers Obligations:

  1. Buyer must inspect material received from Seller prior to installation as to mitigate expense involved in repairing, repainting or replacing defective sheets.
  2. Any claim on account of a defect in the product or for any other cause whatsoever shall be deemed WAIVED by Buyer unless written notice thereof is given to seller within 30 days after discovery of the defects and within the applicable guarantee period. Seller shall be given reasonable opportunity to investigate all claims and no products shall be returned to Sellers without Sellers inspection and approval and receipt by buyer of written shipping instructions from Seller.

Exclusive Remedy:

If any of Sellers products fails to perform as warranted, the company will, at its option, repaint or replace the defective panels or refund the buyer the price paid for the material. A.B. Martin Roofing Supply LLC total liability is expressly limited to the purchase price of the defective material. Except as provided herein A. B. Martin Roofing Supply LLC shall not be liable for any losses, damage or expenses, whether direct, incidental or consequential, caused by or resulting from the use of defective or non-conforming products.




55 Year transferrable Limited Warranty on profiled Panels

We offer limited, transferrable 55 year warranty.

We are only one of three companies that have warranty with the paint manufacturer Beckers.

Beckers provide London Eco-Roof Manufacturer the BeckryTech material produced by ArcelorMittal in Canada under the trade mark Granite Deep Mat.

Steel materials have an automatic guarantee provided by the manufacturer. (G90 or 275 g/m2)
The guarantee applies automatically from the moment the product is delivered to the client so there is no paper guarantee issued to the client.

The Automatic guarantee is not conditional upon mandatory annual maintenance inspections.

For roofing applications, the slope of the roof has to be a minimum of 3/12 and the guarantee is not dependent on roof orientation.

Freedom of part design is covered by the guarantee.

Property ASTM Method Granite Deep Mat
Film Thickness D5796, D1005, D4138 Mil 1.0 +/- 0.2
Formability/Adhesion (T-Bend test) D4145 2T no taped removal
Gloss (60 degree) D523 GU <6
Film integrity 40 years
Colour Change D2244 Vert. 30 years – dE 5 max
Non-Vert. 30 years – dE 8 max
Chalking D4214 (Method A) Vert. 30 years – 8 min
Non-Vert. 30 years – 6 min
Geographical Limits Canada and Continental U.S.
Application Guide Granite Deep Mat
General market application Product
application Residential and commercial
buildings, roof panels (tile profiles)
Climates, country, regional localisation Weathering
requirement Typical UV and temperature
conditions in North America.
Environments, air pollution, chemicals resistance Corrosion
requirement Normal environments (rural, urban and light industrial)